May 5th Group Swim


After taking a whole two weeks off due to back injury and a real life birthday party, we are back in the game! 

Touring the deeps we chanced upon a place of reefs, many boats floating on the surface. Our pod of dolphins, mers and seahorses and a sea turtle, rose a few times and we sang to the sailors. All were silent on their ships attending our presence. Then off we swam going to a cave where Lindens have placed an symbol of the sea and our pod travels, the dolphin.

They replaced the ancient statue and treasures that were there with a newer mesh build. Then onward we floated past a lighthouse and some sailors and back towards the deeps again. 

A new traveller shared his blog site too.

We will be having Wednesday swims to other realms. Stay tuned! 

Safe tides until we return....


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