May 11 Group swim- Oceans Alive!


Today is the day I wished I had started this blog earlier. But hindsight is 20/20 they say and true it is. 

The pod started as only 3 riders but by 10 minutes in our numbers had climbed to 8. We travelled further afield than usual looking through underwater octopi gardens, spotting giant sharks (o.o Megaladon?!) , catfish, giant squid and many other fish and fauna of the Linden ocean depths. 

We visited a strange underwater city filled with treasures and ruins, beautiful and mysterious to behold. Then swam to an island where we spotted and were spotted by many ships in a sort of sailing brigade. Also the people on the islands saw us far from their shores. I think next time we will swim closer and chat.  As always there are beings standing in the depths of the ocean and we creep up on them. I wonder sometimes if they are shocked to see us but many of them say nothing. Maybe they are shocked into silence haha!

We ended our tour at the mysterious beautiful reef which glows with strang…

May 5th Group Swim


After taking a whole two weeks off due to back injury and a real life birthday party, we are back in the game! 

Touring the deeps we chanced upon a place of reefs, many boats floating on the surface. Our pod of dolphins, mers and seahorses and a sea turtle, rose a few times and we sang to the sailors. All were silent on their ships attending our presence. Then off we swam going to a cave where Lindens have placed an symbol of the sea and our pod travels, the dolphin.

They replaced the ancient statue and treasures that were there with a newer mesh build. Then onward we floated past a lighthouse and some sailors and back towards the deeps again. 

A new traveller shared his blog site too.

We will be having Wednesday swims to other realms. Stay tuned! 

Safe tides until we return....

April 14, 2018 -Mysterious Places


This time our group was small, so we swam as a pod of dolphins and mermaids into the mysterious northern waters of Second Life's oceans. 

Our tour took us around some channel islands and areas where monsters of the deeps roam.

In some places we were witness to humorous pollution statements. ☺
Then we chanced upon the ruins of some lost civilization from eras bygone.

Playing with the currents and tides, we found ourselves amongst forgotten and hidden treasures.
And vowing to explore at leisure at a later time we ended the tour with some dolphin songs of delight. 
Join us next week for our tours to the treasure trove of the LL oceans. 

Well done Linden Labs! We applaud your creativity and humor :)

The Blake Southern Ocean tour


Our tour through the waters took us far from our shores into the tumultuous oceans where currents and strange creatures with great big wings soar across the surface. We sang and blew the conch shell to attract their attentions but as is the way with humans few look up or down to see what is around them. Along the route we lost riders, some fell off their mounts, some had to leave early and some were sent into the void before they made it back to ride with us again. 

Some riders were amazed to see the sights below the waves, as most never really know what is down here until they come to peer. The weeds, the relics, the fish, broken boats, sea creatures and ruins of the old world all dwell among the reefs, which like oases are few and far between in the desert of the ocean floor. Well done Linden builders, you have captured our fancy and our hearts and we of the mer world thank you for your work. 

Join us again next week for a tour in a different realm with many more adventures to fo…

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Welcome!  Welcome! 

Or as we say in mer-speak: Tala!  

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If you are looking for tutorials on how to experience virtually in Second Life I will recommend that you go to YouTube and look up tutorials on how to get started and what to look out for. 

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