April 14, 2018 -Mysterious Places


This time our group was small, so we swam as a pod of dolphins and mermaids into the mysterious northern waters of Second Life's oceans. 

Our tour took us around some channel islands and areas where monsters of the deeps roam.

In some places we were witness to humorous pollution statements.

Then we chanced upon the ruins of some lost civilization from eras bygone.

Playing with the currents and tides, we found ourselves amongst forgotten and hidden treasures. 

And vowing to explore at leisure at a later time we ended the tour with some dolphin songs of delight. 

Join us next week for our tours to the treasure trove of the LL oceans. 

Well done Linden Labs! We applaud your creativity and humor :)

Join us again next week or come to visit us in Second Life at Safe Waters Foundation 

Our tour begins at 11:30 AM SLT (PST)


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