May 11 Group swim- Oceans Alive!


Today is the day I wished I had started this blog earlier. But hindsight is 20/20 they say and true it is. 

The pod started as only 3 riders but by 10 minutes in our numbers had climbed to 8. We travelled further afield than usual looking through underwater octopi gardens, spotting giant sharks (o.o Megaladon?!) , catfish, giant squid and many other fish and fauna of the Linden ocean depths. 

We visited a strange underwater city filled with treasures and ruins, beautiful and mysterious to behold. Then swam to an island where we spotted and were spotted by many ships in a sort of sailing brigade. Also the people on the islands saw us far from their shores. I think next time we will swim closer and chat.  As always there are beings standing in the depths of the ocean and we creep up on them. I wonder sometimes if they are shocked to see us but many of them say nothing. Maybe they are shocked into silence haha!

We ended our tour at the mysterious beautiful reef which glows with strange powers. The pod swimmers today were giddy and laughing and a good time had by all. 

See you all next time in our next adventures out to sea. 

The Group Swim Team 

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