Welcome to Group Swims Picture Blog

Welcome!  Welcome! 

Or as we say in mer-speak: Tala!  

This blog site is specifically made to post pictures of all our travels and mer adventures in Second Life on our group swims. If you are looking for fun mer things to do this is one of them. And if you are looking to have a virtual experience as a mer person then you must absolutely give Second Life a spin! 

If you are looking for tutorials on how to experience virtually in Second Life I will recommend that you go to YouTube and look up tutorials on how to get started and what to look out for. 

As for this blog, if you would like to publish any of your mer adventures (G rated only please) and especially have pictures you would like to submit for publication here, please send us a message via the blog comments section. 

Tell all your friends! Lets get this party started! 

Your Mer Group Swims Team  💗 

When in Second Life check us out at SWF (Safe Waters Foundation) 


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